About Us

Our mission is to create innovative, thriving enterprises that empower and sustain our families and communicates for generations to come.


At Precision Hydro, safety comes first. Not only is it our highest priority, it is the right thing to do.

Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Precision Hydro employs a highly effective and progressive safety management system. The processes and procedure allow staff to safely maximize productivity.
Culture Starts at the Top

Culture Starts at the Top

At Precision Hydro safety starts at the top. We have cultivated an interdependent safety culture where every employee holds safety as the highest priority.
Safety is a Value

Safety is a Value

Safety is built into our company values and the foundation of our culture. Safety is supported by full time Safety professionals who oversee employee training and conduct site/equipment audits.

Core Values

Speak the Truth

Find the Ideal

Integrity in Action

Relentless Execution

Lead by Example


PH prides itself on clear and honest communication in order to facilitate trust with our clients and establish that our word is our bond.

Ideal Solutions

PH works tirelessly to find the ideal outcomes and solutions for our customer’s service needs. Our experienced personnel bring innovation to any custom applications while generating excellent results in meeting your project goals.


PH empowers their employees to execute work with a high degree of integrity and a strong work ethic, meaning your job will get completed on-time and within budget.